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Key Notes To Uni

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Key Notes To Uni

Post by JohnBoy on Thu Dec 09 2010, 18:45

Revo Uninstaller Pro!

First rule: If you are upgrading from a previously paid version of a program, back up your serials, usernames, activation keys, ext... Nothing like purely and totally removing the smallest of traces of a program for a fresh install, then finding out the option you chose did not work and then your left with out the reverse.

Uninstall with Revo Pro and then let it do the re-scan. Restart PC and go to the tool bar on top in Revo and click to forced uninstall of program.

Do not search file path, but rather search for the product name and elements within previous files and keys.

If a guy would like to completely uninstall a program, lets say Avast, the first word to put in the above search should be "Avast". It will pull some hidden folders and files from reg. and other places. Obviously delete them. The next to use in the search would be something like "ALWIL" and them maybe just for good measure search some of the terms used in the report I have below. Once it has been determined there are no traces hidden with in the registry or anywhere else, move on forward. Wink Wink

Next step is to download the latest version of the Program being reinstalled. After down load is done, disconnect your internet connection for safety reasons. In the file you downloaded the program in, locate the download and right click and install with Revo Uninstaller Pro. This records and documents the paths and all data installed which makes for a clean remove in one click in the future. Once you open, click Run and wait about 10 seconds and cancel the install. after clicking the obvious prompts and before you click finish, on the finish page click the report file. Copy to clip board and it should look like this:

09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: Started: 09.12.2010, 11:02:26
09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: Running setup_ais-2a5 (677)
09.12.2010 11:02:26 system: Operating system: Windows 7 ver 6.1, build 7600, sp 0.0 x64
09.12.2010 11:02:26 system: Memory: 28% load. Phys:4194303/4194303K free, Page:4194303/4194303K free, Virt:2026740/2097024K free
09.12.2010 11:02:26 system: Computer WinName: Your PC
09.12.2010 11:02:26 system: Windows Net User: Your PC\Your PC Network #1
09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: Cmdline: /sfx /sfxstorage "C:\Users\Your PC\AppData\Local\Temp\" /srcpath "C:\Users\Your PC\DOWNLO~1" /sfxname "setup_ais"
09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: DldSrc set to sfx
09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: Old version: ffffffff (-1)
09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: Install check: SetupVersion does NOT exist
09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: SGW32AIS::CheckIfInstalled set m_bAlreadyInstalled to 0
09.12.2010 11:02:26 registry: Get registry: Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Version=8.0.7600.16385
09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: Operation set to INST_OP_INSTALL
09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: GUID: 62c4e442-4c0c-b937-151bc15
09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: SelectCurrent: selected server 'tmp sfx storage' from 'sfx'
09.12.2010 11:02:26 internet: SYNCER: Type: use IE settings
09.12.2010 11:02:26 internet: SYNCER: Auth: another authentication, use WinInet
09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: Changed Edition=3
09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: Entered SetupProcessAIS::Do( INST_OP_INSTALL )
09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: Entered SetupProcessWin32Avast::Do( INST_OP_INSTALL )
09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: Entered SetupProcessWin32::Do( INST_OP_INSTALL )
09.12.2010 11:02:26 general: Entered SetupProcess::Do( INST_OP_INSTALL )
09.12.2010 11:03:18 package: Transferred: files 0, bytes 0, time 0 ms
09.12.2010 11:03:18 package: Retries: total 0, files 0, servers 1
09.12.2010 11:03:18 general: Customer 0
09.12.2010 11:03:18 general: DldSrc set to inet
09.12.2010 11:03:18 general: Server definition(s) loaded for 'main': 371 (maintenance:0)
09.12.2010 11:03:18 general: SelectCurrent: selected server 'Download929 AVAST5 Server' from 'main'
09.12.2010 11:03:18 internet: SYNCER: Type: use IE settings
09.12.2010 11:03:18 internet: SYNCER: Auth: another authentication, use WinInet
09.12.2010 11:03:23 internet: Sending stats '': 20000004 0
09.12.2010 11:03:23 file: NeedReboot=false
09.12.2010 11:03:23 general: Return code: 0x000004C7 [The operation was canceled by the user.]
09.12.2010 11:03:23 general: Stopped: 09.12.2010, 11:03:23

If it does not, the above info will give you and idea on were to start digging with your PC.

Installed the fresh copies and install the updated serial key(s).

Good luck!

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Re: Key Notes To Uni

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 09 2010, 22:40

nice Wink

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